The works presented here may not be reproduced in any format, print or digital, without express written consent from Clanci Jo Conover. Works may be cited for educational purposes, but otherwise please contact clancijo@gmail.com with any request to reference or reproduce.


Articles & Projects


Dealers Charge into Asia Week Amidst Coronavirus Scare – Fine Art Globe, 2020


Armory Week: Hand Sanitizer, Elbow Shakes, and Lots of Extraordinary– Fine Art Globe, 2020


Outsider Art Rings in New York’s Fair Season  – Fine Art Globe, 2020


Major Week of Sales for International Auction Houses  – Fine Art Globe, 2019


Asian Art Auctions Dominate London Auction Scene  – Fine Art Globe, 2019


Confronting Division and Perception at A.I.R. Gallery  – Fine Art Globe, 2019


New York’s September Asia Week: Gearing Up for Spring  – Fine Art Globe, 2019


Intertwined & Conscious  – Curated Exhibition, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, 2018


The Rise of the Dealer   Kapoor Galleries, 2018


A Captain’s Viewpoint on Research  – Voyages, Christopher Newport University, 2016


Interview with Alumnus Hunter Banks  – Her Campus, 2015


Interview with Campus Celebrity Sarah Kerndt  – Her Campus, 2015


Scholarly Papers


Labia and the Law: Facebook’s Battle Against the Origin of the World – Sotheby’s Institute of Art, 2018


The Foley Gallery: Tradition vs. Change and the Southern Migration to the Lower East Side – Sotheby’s Institute of Art, 2017


Pagan Serpents in Paradise – The Cupola, Christopher Newport University, 2016


Act Fast or Oceans will be Empty: Overfishing and the Urgent Need for Reform – Christopher Newport University, 2016


Through History and Landscape: Mary Jane Colter’s Staged Authenticity in the Southwest – Lorenzo de Medici Institute, 2015


Artistic Influence in the American Civil Rights Movement – Christopher Newport University, 2015