Clanci Jo Conover is a multifaceted arts professional and independent curator. She has curated exhibitions in New York at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, the AADLA Fine Art & Antiques show, and various Upper East Side art galleries. In addition to curating visual art, she has assembled tailor made playlists for corporate meetings, cultural events, and individual listeners. 

A graduate of Sotheby’s Institute of Art with a Master of Arts in Art Business, she also studied Communication and Art History at Lorenzo de Medici Institute in Florence, Italy, and Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia. Since receiving her Master’s degree last year, she has worked as a Gallery Director and travel agency Program Manager, as well as a freelance writer and photographer. She has had articles published with Fine Art Globe, The Cupola (academic journal), Voyages, and Her Campus; and had photographs published in the New York Times, American Fine Art Collector, Apollo, American Art Collector, and the NewTown Bee. 

An avid traveler, Conover draws inspiration from the external, comparing and contrasting her personal experiences in the United States with those who emerged from a different background. Her World photography series profiles different cities from a ground perspective, documenting local people, architecture, landscapes, and artwork. This approach has developed her curatorial philosophy to be inclusive and thought provoking, prompting questions and curiosities for art, society, spirituality, Earth. Through experience with curation, photography, music, and travel, she presents comprehensive projects with enigmatic partners, each new undertaking seeking to enlighten and empower.

Inquiries for collaborations can be sent to clancijo@gmail.com.


“There are countless cities to see, and I’m just trying to get to know them all on a first name basis. Travel is one of the most inspiring concepts in my life, and I want to convey the feeling of a city with each collection of photos while filtering it through my own personal experiences. Many of my photos were taken with an iPhone 5s because my goal is to capture moments as they come, and I find that when traveling through new countries and cities, a professional camera can be distracting. I want my photos to provide an aspect of authenticity… if you were to travel to a new country, you would take a lot of pictures on your phone, right?”